Has life ever served you up a nice cold cup of HOPELESSNESS …..on ice!?

I can hear you now….Cynthia YOU don’t know my story…..it is a HOPELESS…Si TU A tion! Girrrrrrrrrl don’t you drink that!! To the Left, that drink is not for you.

Now the question maybe how do I find HOPE, if there is NONE?  The ANSWER IS……IT’S ALLLLLL AROUND YOU……..JUST LOOK UP or down.  If you are as low as you can go – the earth is still beneath you, THAT MEANS YOU’RE NOT UNDER IT….AND THAT IN ITSELF IS SOMETHING TO HOLD ON TO (Ya heard me).  Whether you believe it or not, whatever Life has handed YOU, IS someone’s else’s upgrade..Because it may not be what you want it to be……BUT it surely ain’t what it could be……YES IT COULD BE WORSE (can I get an AMEN, an OH ME or a BIG ‘OL OUCH).  Remember situations are temporary, it may seem like it’s lasting forever but HONESTLY you are just going THRU IT and YOU WILL COME OUT OF THIS BETTER THAN YOU WERE (I PROMISE).  Whatever you’re facing, it’s NOT NEW (it’s just new to YOU) you’re not the First one to face it(this thought keeps us in shame and away from the help we need) and honestly you WON’T BE THE LAST(you’ll be able to help someone else defeat what seems to be impassable right now).  You need to find some competent others to talk to, or read an article on the topic……(….yes google it….) and don’t forget to PRAY!!! (prayer is communicating with GOD in your normal everyday voice, open and honestly).

ALLOW YOURSELF TO GO THROUGH THE PROCESS (I’m not telling you to deny your situation), but don’t you dare sit in it and act HOPELESS! For every problem there is a solution (you just have to sit still so you can hear/see it). Be Patient and PAY attention to the LESSON….it CAME TO GIVE (And I NEVER said you had to LOVE LIKE the process).

Challenge yourself to get up EVERY DAY and be THANKFUL FOR SOMETHING(S)!!! This will BUILD YOU UP, SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE, WARM YOUR HEART and PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE (and others it’s contagious). Fill your MIND and your HEART with TESTIMONIES of HOPEFUL SITUATIONS that seemed impossible. STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE NELLIES…………….Chase HOPE, Pursue HOPE, Desire HOPE and soon you’ll be filled to the overflow with HOPE.

HOPE is essential to your LIFE and it should be like air, you just CAN’T MAKE IT WITHOUT IT.  Please know that if you need to hold on to MINE until you can find yours………..IT’S AVAILABLE TO YOU!!



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