Sometimes I really just want to walk around saying SHUT UP!!! Do you have people in your life you hate to even ask “How Are You” because they are going to go into this really Loooonnnnnggggg rant about Allllllll the things that are wrong. The dog ate the cat and the cat ate the bird and the bird flew into the house and now the house is on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!  SHUT Uuuuuup…….PLEASE (in my really sweet voice).

Did you know if you don’t protect your gates (eyes, ears, and mouth) you’ll begin to agree with these folks.  You’ll start seeing no’s when before you seen yes, you’ll see problems, when before you seen solutions.  Everything will begin to be gloom and doom. You won’t do it conscientiously but it’ll happen slowly over time. And then you’ll look up One day and say LORD how did I get HERE?!

Listen you can’t be a Eagle with Turkey tendencies…………………(wait that visual was crazy….lol).

So if you are the person encountering Mr & Mrs Negative here you go:

  1. Don’t get into agreement with the negative Nellie and Nancy’s. And don’t think being quiet is the answer, sometimes silence is mistaken as AGREEMENT….say or walk away(count the cost, if you know them, you’ll know whether it will be received)……..mmhhmmm.
  2. If this is someone who just wants to be down down baby and that’s their rhythm of life………..WALK AWAY.  Don’t waste your time or your energy. They have taken note of you and will return to you when THEY NEED YOU.
  3. KNOW YOUR LIMITS, don’t pop off and then you looking like the crazy one. You can’t save everybody!  God took six days to do HIS thing, so this may be a Loooonnnnggg process.
  4. REFUSE TO ENGAGE!! Tell them to get away from your space.
  5. Believe that if they KNEW better they’d DO BETTER! So you can’t be “mad” it may just be ignorance in this area.
  6. This is my favorite and has gotten me the BEST RESULTS.  Look them eyeball to eyeball and say you know “Dead People would love to have your problems; YOU did wake up and so whatever is on your plate, you can HANDLE”.  Nobody has ever told me they would rather be dead…..NOBODY!!

I at least TRY to offer a Perspective shift OPPORTUNITY, and it has yielded some GREAT RESULTS.  (remember It’s not what you say….IT’S HOW YOU SAY IT)

Sooooo if you ARE the negative Nellie or Nancy  and you WANT to change, here you go:

  1. Prepare for your tomorrow, the night before (this will eliminate (some) early morning frustrations)
  2. When you wake up ALIVE, be THANKFUL for actually waking up!! Audibly say THANK YOU!
  3. Leave home in plenty of time to get where you’re going (this means you are less likely to cuss out or flip off other morning commuters).  And if you encounter a cusser or a flipper REMEMBER TO REMAIN PRESENT IN YOUR PLACE OF GRATITUDE…..(wooosah)
  4. SMILE – smiling will automatically put you in a GREAT mode and IT’S CONTAGIOUS!
  5. Be intentional! Look for the good in Whatever you do and Wherever you go All Day.
  6. My personal favorite REFLECTION, maaaannnnn when I sit and THINK about how good GOD has been to me (even the bad that worked out for my good) I’m just soooooo THANKFUL. I literally could have been dead and gone. I have use of my limbs, I can think clearly, my kids are well, I have shelter (even if it ain’t what you want, be Thankful), I have food (even if it ain’t what you want to eat be Thankful).  My needs are met (you may not be in overflow YET but BE THANKFUL and watch THINGS CHANGE!!

If you are not sure which one you are…..ASK THE FOLKS AROUND YOU….THEY’LL TELL YA

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Positive or Not…It’s up to YOU
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4 thoughts on “Positive or Not…It’s up to YOU

  • October 25, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    I love both of number 6!!!

    • October 28, 2016 at 9:26 am

      Me Toooo

  • August 2, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    Yes! Amen! I agree with every single one of these. 🙂

    • August 21, 2017 at 4:11 pm

      Thank You Visiting my Blog.


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