voteI’ll be honest I didn’t know what today would bring.  Will this be a day I’ll have to defend my position? Would this be a day that hate would develop in my heart and grow as the day goes on? Should I be concerned about the end results of this election?Can I agree to disagree and move on?

Have you ever had a day when you’ve had lots of questions? (even when you know the one with ALL the answers)…………..?One of my students and I have joked thru this election season(this very long election season). She being on one side of the fence and me on the other. Well this morning something happened and she had a look of concern that bothered me. We began to talk and exchanged our views about the candidates(as we have done before and usually it ends in a joke or two) but TODAY it was DIFFERENT.

You see as Christians you are the salt of the earth and the light of the WORLD!  Darkness should not be tolerated in your presence, no matter what the situation is.  I don’t think that anything is by luck or chance, it was merely an opportunity to show LOVE. I took this opportunity to share with her THE FACT that Jesus is our Source and that’s where PEACE abides.  In this moment something BIGGER is now happening something more significant than Hillary or Trump.  This was a moment to share hope and the GREAT NEWS that KING JESUS is with us, EVEN ON TODAY.

Vote TODAY that’s your right, choose your candidate and cast your ballet. BUT let LOVE ABIDE. ALL OF US WANT BETTER, so what…. if we disagree on the woman or man that we think will take us there. TODAY do your Part, but while you do that don’t forget about the example we are setting for our children. We get to model for our children how to be respectful of another person’s opinion. We get to teach them how to have good constructive conversations without HATE or JUDGEMENTS(of the person).  We get to teach them how to keep their hearts free of contamination. We get to teach Tolerance, Patience and Compassion.  We get to teach them to LISTEN.  When we LISTEN to each other WE LEARN! TODAY I learned something about my student that was of concern to her and her personal beliefs (which was very valid).  I had an opportunity to share what my thoughts were on her concerns.  TODAY I became BETTER.

We have decided that I would bring her homemade cookies to comfort her when her candidate loses.. ; ). She told me she didn’t like nuts(again that confused me, she’s voting for one…..just kidding…..well not really….laughter is good for the soul ;0…I LOVE HER ANYWAY) ……….AND TODAY we both won! We held on to what really matters…….PEOPLE.

There really isn’t a PERFECT candidate because they are both Imperfect People. Whoever becomes the President has to be the president to all people, not just  the President to our own personal needs. The BEAUTIFUL THING about this process is we get to CHOOSE which ones aligns themselves with our personal values.

TODAY I started my day out in Prayer with the PURPOSE of being mindful that my trust is in God, not in a man(or a woman). I’m mindful that no matter who wins this race, GOD is still on the throne and in COMPLETE CONTROL of all things concerning me(and you)…………..because if it concerns me(and you), IT CONCERNS HIM!!


#YesImBakingCookiesRegardless          #BecauseShesImportantToMe

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