So here we are just minutes into a brand new year. I’ve seen New Year New You all over my Facebook timeline. We declare change is coming every year and I believe WE believe that it’ll magically happen BUT year after year it doesn’t SO what’s trapping you?

Are you trapped by a man or a woman? Every time they call you forget your Goals, Promises you’ve made to yourself about not going back. You’re willing to risk it all one more time, KNOWING in your heart NOTHING is going to change.  They master in wasting your life’s time. They don’t desire anything for themselves, so they CAN’T desire anything for YOU. You already know “What It Is” and you just have to BE WILLING to be patient and wait on the RIGHT ONE, because what you compromise to keep YOU LOSE ANYWAY. Time is your most valuable asset, so TAKE COMPLETE AND TOTAL CONTROL OVER MANAGING YOURS.

Are you trapped by a poverty mentality? You spend all you have trying to be accepted by people who don’t genuinely care for you. This can show up in your life by way of food, drugs and or material things, because it’s just a void we’re trying to fill. You won’t prioritize your needs because your wants temporarily make you feel SOOOOO GOOD! We fill our lives with stuff to keep us from DEALING with the real issues, this keeps us bankrupt inside and out. Sit down and have an Honest dialogue about whatever you are really feeling before you make that next UNECESSARY purchase.

Are you caught in a People Pleasing trap? You say YES when you know NO was the appropriate answer. You think always being available to be stepped on help makes them “like” you.  You need every single thing you give away. So KNOWING who you are will set boundaries in place that people WILL NOT violate. Being True to your AUTHENTIC SELF will raise your AWARENESS of how Valuable YOU ARE!

Are you trapped by the FEAR of success? You have gifts and talents you hide because you’re  scared of being a success.  Your afraid that your world as you currently know it will change and people won’t accept you anymore AND OH MY GOD THE PERSECUTION…….. LISTEN the reason you keep dreaming of success is because you were created to be SUCCESSFUL. You have been prewired to OWN the Best, LIVE in the Best, DRIVE the best and WEAR the Best. SUCCESS IS IN YOUR DNA and you have EVERY RIGHT to have it.

Are you trapped by the OPINIONS of others? Let’s face it people’s opinions can be paralyzingly. The constant barrage of negativity or just the second guessing questions when you share your dreams. People can make you feel really stupid for wanting MORE out of  life BUT DON’T YOU LISTEN TO THEM! Opinions are like booties holes (all things being equal🙃) EVERYBODY HAS ONE. It doesn’t matter what THEY SAY, IT ONLY MATTERS WHAT YOU SAY.

Are you trapped by PROCRASTINATION? Tomorrow consistently is a death trap, death of all your dreams, desire and goals. Procrastination is a horrible habit to adopt and the only reason to put off until tomorrow what you can do today is rooted in fear, unbelief and or laziness.  Ask yourself if you really believe in YOUR DREAMS? Do you really want to see it come to pass or are you content being mediocre and talking about what you are going to do. Challenge your every thought of making a new excuse as to why NOW isn’t the BEST time, if you move immediately tomorrow will no longer have power over you. Lastly find an accountability partner or just share your goal INCLUDING a TIMELINE with someone who LOVES you enough to remind you to stay the course.





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What’s TRAPPING You🤔
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2 thoughts on “What’s TRAPPING You🤔

  • January 2, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    Cynthia, thank you for being a vessel of the Holy Spirit and challenging us to live up to oyr God given potential. This was assuming and convicting!

    • January 25, 2017 at 10:03 am

      Wow. Thank You


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