We’ve all heard it. Nothing in life is free. I know that all my Christians readers are saying SALVATION IS, but is it? You have to exchange the breath in your lungs or the blinking of your eyes or whatever form of communication you use to communicate and an agreement in your heart to receive everlasting life.

Have you ever prayed for something not knowing how the “request” would manifest? Have you ever had to travel an unknown road equipped with only a gut instinct? Have you ever had a PROMISE that keeps pulling you along without further instructions? Have you ever had problems that seem to be popping up like summer weeds in a garden?

What if you could somehow receive detail after detail after detail, that would make the journey easier right?………or would it? What if you could see that along the journey you would lose loved ones, get fired, have health challenges or feel desperate and or alone…..(because you will)…..would that silence the pull of the PROMISE? What if you KNEW for SURE that there was a PROMISE, that would not be broken if you could just get through the valley’s of LIFE? What if your heart had to be broken over and over again BUT the MASTER HEALER would restore EVERYTHING YOU HAD TO GO THROUGH TO GET TO THE PROMISE because HE IS A PROMISE KEEPER………..would you go after it?

The PROMISE and the problem can coexist, YOU’LL just have to decide which one will prevail TODAY (because sometimes you’ll have make the decision over and over EVERYDAY……it’s cool……just keep moving) What if I told you THE OUTCOME can bring you to a PLACE OF PURE JOY AND THANKFULNESS. You’ll find that the residue of the problem, is a BLESSING in this place. WAIT……..before you get excited, only the fit will enter this place. You will have to be steadfast and hungry. YOU’LL have to have FAITH (mustard seed FAITH….go get one and remind yourself, that’s all you need). YOU’LL HAVE TO REMEMBER, WHAT WAS PROMISED TO YOU IS YOURS!! YOU’LL HAVE TO KNOW THAT EVERY BUMP AND BRUISE HAS PURPOSE. YOU’LL HAVE TO RESIST THE DESIRE TO QUIT BECAUSE YOUR PROMISE IS REAL. Can you see it because once you’ve SEEN IT, it’ll be hard to act like you didn’t!

         THE PROMISE or the problem.

They are both ACTIVATED with a DECISION. Both of them will cost you something, and both of them WILL REQUIRE TUNNEL VISION.

The PROMISE or the problem……….CHOOSE WISELY.

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The PROMISE and the problem
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