Daily billions of people leave their homes to set out on the journey and that journey is different for all of us. It’ll take us to various destinations and we’ll arrive at different times. The one common denominator we have, is that we all have a reasonable expectation of getting there safely.

Some of us take the highways, some of us take back roads and some of us are more comfortable on the main streets.


HIGHWAYS allow us to get there at a greater speed without stops (for the most part). But that shortcut comes with the responsibility of being able to handle the increased speed. It forces us to focus because if we don’t, we could negatively impact many people.

BACK ROADS offers us an escape from the fast pace of highways and the busyness of Main roads. They allows us time to process thoughts and clear our minds. However they take more time and requires patience. You definitely are traveling back roads on…..for….on…..for PURPOSE.

MAIN STREETS remind me of an assembly lines, well orchestrated. They have lots of stopping and starting. They have turning lanes and lights strategically placed to control¬†traffic, unlike the back roads that’ll have a stop sign when necessary or the Highway that allows you drive without interruption. However main streets are an unavoidable part of the journey (everything we need is either on them or somehow right off of them).

Focus on where you want to go and let go of every idea of how you’ll get there.

Just know that every path can and will have construction and detours. This doesn’t mean that you won’t get there, it just means you can’t go the same way someone else may have gone. Trust me you aren’t moving to fast or to slow,¬† the road you’re on will get you to your destination right on time.


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Highways, Back Roads and Main Streets
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