I KNOW……… I’m late, to the discovery of the Do Not Disturb setting on my phone (stop judging me). I stumbled across this little gem, trying to find a solution to a sleep robbing, very irritating noise my phone had been making. I had no idea this option was on my phone………..WHERE have I been?

I had all kinds of options. I could literally cut myself off to the world at whatever time I wanted and then I could invite them back in again. I thought to myself should I go for it (this was getting exciting) should I silence everything and everybody? Could I be so BOLD? What time should I turn it on, what time should I turn it off? What/Who would be my exceptions?……..AND THEN I immediately left the Doorway of Peace and entered the Hallway of questions. What If the kids (by kids I’m including my adults) needed me, in the middle of the night? Will my alarm sound? What if I miss something important? QUICKLY I made the decision that was best FOR ME (silence at last). I’m not at all suggesting that those other things wasn’t important, BUT at some point I NEEDED TO BE WHAT MATTERED MOST! And what mattered most in that moment ,was MY SLEEP!

I started to feel like I couldn’t solve one problem, before I had another problem present. Isn’t this true in life? Sometimes it seems as if Life would have us constantly choosing between who and what.
WHAT I’m willing to sacrifice to make my life easier and WHO I was allowing to sidetrack the new found freedom, was quickly becoming a task within itself.  Not  because  it  was,  BUT BECAUSE I ALLOWED IT TO BE.

Today TAKE THE TIME to BE what matters most. My DO NOT DISTURB option wasn’t against anyone else……….. It was simply for me. When is the last time you considered what you need, BEFORE you considered the needs of everyone else around you? How we show up in our own lives, speak volumes to the world about how we feel about ourselves. Nothing about self care is selfish. So if you were waiting on Permission……..HERE IT IS! Hang up your sign or push the button AND LET EVERYONE KNOW, I’M DOING ME “DO NOT DISTURB”.

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Do Not Disturb
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